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Makro Credit Card – See How To Order Yours Right Now!


Makro Stores in Brazil

  • Makro Credit Card?!
  • How to order the Makro Card?
  • What documents are required for the request?
  • What advantages and benefits does the Makro credit card offer?
  • How to get second copy of Makro Card Invoice
  • Makro online card invoice online
  • Ask for invoice via phone or smartphone
  • Issue duplicate at Makro Stores

Stores in Brazil

His presence in Brazil occurred in 1972, when his first unit was inaugurated. Currently it is possible to find a Makro store in almost all the Brazilian states, besides the Federal District, totaling more than 70 stores throughout the national territory.

According to the Ranking Ibevar 2016, Makro’s wholesale store network is the country’s fifth largest in the super and hyper wholesale category, behind companies like Carrefour and Walmart , for example. This growth is due to the work that has been expended to expand its operations in order to invest and believe in the growth of the regions where it is present – especially in the South and Northeast.

Credit Card?!

 Makro Credit Card?!

Its strategic position and its differentiated service is what stands out in this company. The constant evolution of its customer service processes also draws attention and, thinking about it, the Makro Credit Card was created to offer even more facilities when paying for your purchases.

In this article we will help you know how to request your card, for this, we will present the main information. Continue your reading until the end to clear all doubts in a few minutes!

How to order the Makro Card?

So far it has not yet been possible to do this procedure 100% online. Therefore, those interested should visit the nearest Makro card booth. To do this, just click here “To check the stores in your area.

After going to the chosen unit, the client must complete a proposal for joining the Makro credit card. It is worth mentioning, however, that this procedure is subject to credit analysis that is done by Banco Bradescard – responsible for the administration of the card.

What documents are required for the request?

• Identification document (valid RG or CNH)
• Individual Register (CPF)
• Proof of income (Holerite or bank statement with at least 10 transactions)
• Updated proof of residency

* It is possible to use credit card invoices as proof of income as long as all payment vouchers are attached or other credit / debit cards are presented.

In addition to the presentation of the personal documents listed above, there are some minimum requirements that must be met, such as:

• Be over 18 years old
• Have a monthly income of at least R $ 790,00

However, we emphasize that this procedure does not guarantee the making of the cards, after all, the candidates to receive the card are submitted to a credit analysis for approval or not of the subsequent release of the same.

What advantages and benefits does the credit card offer?

Card users are guaranteed a number of unique advantages that are ready to be widely used. Are they:

• Up to 40 days to pay for purchases
• Accepted at all Visa and Mastercard partner establishments
• Possibility of cash withdrawals – in the credit function – using the boxes of the 24 Hours Banks or the Store Box
• Total protection insurance and pharmacy agreements
• Exclusive discounts for amounts spent at Makro Restaurants and Fuel Stations
• Installment up to 12x in all products of the stores (subject to interest rates) and up to 10 months to pay for purchases in the bed, table and bathroom sectors, electronics and others

How to get second copy of Card Invoice

 How to get second copy of Makro Card Invoice

Many customers question where it is possible to issue the second copy of the Makro card invoice, because it is relevant information and to turn around on any unforeseen events, knowing where to take the duplicate will leave a pile of money in your pocket instead to pay in fines and financial charges.

With delays, the interest and fines of the cards can be high, and there are no excuses to stop paying the bills, since the second is not charged by issuers, administrators, banks and financial.

The best of all this is that without leaving the house, anyone from wherever you are, from anywhere in the world that has internet, you access the invoice and the bar code for payment is on time.

Online card invoice online

For the Internet to print the invoice of the card is easy and fast if you want to do this, if not, just use the barcode released to make the payment of the invoice in a bank or lottery of the neighborhood or make the payment by mobile phone in a digital bank online .

How to get the duplicate invoice:

– To do this, just go to the card site here .

– Then, enter your CPF in the upper bar of the site where it says “non-registered customer”.

– If it’s your first time, click “First Access? Click here “and fill in the information requested on the site.

– Look at the cards menu, the second option.

Ask for invoice via phone or smartphone

The invoice version can also be obtained through the Makro card application .

  • The process is very simple and easy
  • Please have the code for payment
  • Choose between online and print access

Download the Android or iOS app on your phone or smartphone, make the registration simplified under ” my first access “.

Once inside the system, you can access various information about limit, expenses etc. if you want to see, you also have the current version of your invoice, due date and what is the best day to make your purchases.

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Issue duplicate at Stores

In all the Makro Shops you have access to the duplicate of your direct credit card invoice. Go to the area reserved for card issues, in general, this is resolved in the customer service and reception.