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Casas Bahia Card – Learn how to request all the benefits!




How can I apply for a Casas Bahia Card?

  • What are the Benefits of having a Casas Bahia Card?
  • What are the Bahia Casas Card fees?
  • Why use a Casas Bahia Credit Card?

How can I apply for a  Card?

 How can I apply for a Casas Bahia Card?

To apply for your card is very easy and fast, since the whole process can be done via the internet. To do this, you must access the Casas Bahia Card website and then fill in all requested information, such as:

  • Full name
  • Personal email
  • Cellular number e;
  • Personal documents such as CPF and RG

After completing this process, your registration will be submitted to a credit analysis that may or may not be approved. At that time, factors such as income and the situation of the CPF will be taken into account at the time of the release of the credit. In this way, if it is approved, you only have to wait in your residence that in a few days your card will arrive by simple correspondence.

What are the Benefits of having a Card?

 What are the Benefits of having a Casas Bahia Card? (I.e.

There are several benefits offered to those who purchase such a card. The main ones involve facilitating purchases at any network store, including online stores. In addition, other advantages can be found. Are they:

• 50% discount on Cinemark network tickets;
• Cash withdrawals and tele-withdrawals throughout Brazil;
• 10% discount on Casas Bahia products;
• Installment up to 24X;
• Exclusive card application;
• Special limit for in-store purchases.

It is important to note that tele-withdrawals can only be made by Bradesco account holders and all withdrawals are subject to fees charged separately for the services used.

What are the Card fees?

One of the biggest concerns of people when it comes to credit cards, rates and interest rates are top of the list. With the credit card Casa Bahia is no different, after all, there are some fees that you should pay. However, they can appear with benefits and be advantageous.

This is the case with premium insurance. Insurance for the card is not mandatory, but for a fee of $ 4.99 per month, you have coverage of up to $ 50,000, and compete every week for prizes of $ 10,000 net by the federal lottery.

In addition, like almost every current credit card, there is also the annuity that must be paid, but which can be parceled out throughout the year. These values ​​basically serve to cover the costs that the company has with the card.

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Why use a Credit Card?

Why use a Casas Bahia Credit Card?

If you intend to buy furniture or appliances, the card becomes a great option mainly for facilitating payment, offering several options and also for offering exclusive credit for purchases in Casas Bahia stores.

In addition, the various benefits of the Casas Bahia credit card, such as the discount on movie theaters, end up making the fees paid are worth it.

In other words, using the card can be a marriage of the useful with the enjoyable.

Did you like to know everything about Casas Bahia credit card? For those who are looking for a new card, or a first card, it can bring several advantages and is a great option.

If you have any questions or punctuation to do, leave in the comments of the post. We will be happy to respond!

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