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Accesscard Card For Negatives: Find Out How To Order Yours!


To purchase, control and manage your money, get to know the AccesoCard International prepaid card. The card that fits in your pocket!

“Get Access Card Access, an International Credit Card to make your financial life simpler and easier by taking control of your money and greater financial management.”

Established in the credit financing market since 2010, Access was the first independent card issuer to be licensed by Mastercard and enabled to operate in Brazil using its flag. Already in the first years of operation the company inaugurated the use of the prepaid card – which soon came to be accepted in the largest retail chains in the country.

Card Access Card


In order to serve as many customers as possible, Acceso Soluções has become international and today its credit cards have already been used by clients in more than 100 countries, totaling over R $ 1 billion in financial transactions with their credit products.

During its journey in the Brazilian market, the company contributed strongly to a transformation of the business model adopted in the country, leading the way in the issuing and processing of prepaid cards .

In addition, they are also responsible for the management of CoBranded, in addition to its own brand that has more than 400,000 active accounts.

Are you interested in the services and products Access has to offer its customers but do not know how it works? Do not worry! In this post we will explain in detail all the relevant information about this credit card.

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How does AccessCard work for negatives?


How does AccessCard work for negatives?


Because it is a prepaid card , every person with a negative name can access more easily, after all, in this type of card, the user himself defines the limit of credit he would like to use that is made through recharges separate

Its use resembles exactly everything in the conventional credit card. You can use it, for example, to buy online, pay bills, charge mobile phones, cash withdrawals at the debit function, and you can still transfer credit between different cards through App Access.


How to recharge the Prepaid Card AccesoCard ?


 How to recharge the Prepaid Card AccesoCard ?

There are currently some channels available for you to recharge your AccessCard for negatives. Accessing your account Access, just click on the “Upload” menu and then choose the card to which you want to add the credits. Finally, just trigger the payment option. Below, we’ll explain the valid options:

1. Boleto bancário

By triggering the cashback option, the amount credited to your card will be available for use within 48 business hours after payment confirmation.

2. Debit in current account or deposit identified in banks

By choosing these forms of payment you will be redirected to your Internet Banking and you must follow the steps indicated by each platform. Please note that for refills after 4pm, the value will only be available on the next business day.

3. Transfer in TED or DOC

If you are a personal checking account holder, you can recharge by transfer. The following is an example of data for TED or DOC.

• Banco Santander (Bank 033)
• Access Payment Solutions SA
• CNPJ: 13140088 / 0001-99
• Agency: 0451
• Current Account: 13008645-1

In order to be recognized, it is imperative that the transfer be made in the Individual Taxpayer’s Card (CPF) of the person who carries the AccessCard for denied persons.

4. Agreed stores

Finally, if you prefer to recharge in person using the channels listed above, you only have to go to one of the supermarkets of Rede Extra or Pão de Açúcar, spread throughout the country, among other regional options. click here to see a complete list of establishments and other information.

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How to get the card Access Card for negatives?


 How to get the card Access Card for negatives?

To purchase your AccessCard , simply go to this page , and choose from the two options available: International Chip Access (for online purchases and physical stores) or International Virtual Access (exclusive for internet purchases).


To acquire your card you will be subject to charges for some fees, such as the cost to issue; management; maintenance; refills; cash withdrawals at ATMs; issue of duplicate; in addition to costs for international use such as the payment of the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF), among others.

Access the page “rates and limits “And know in detail all fare prices and services that are offered for free to the users of the AccessCard for negatives .

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